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The Right to Airplay Campaign

By February 11, 2016September 23rd, 2021No Comments

RIGHT-TO-AIRPLAY-POSTThe Right to Airplay Committee was established to spread the word to lobby politicians on getting a fairer percentage of airplay on Irish national and commercial radio stations. An advert was placed in the Sunday Times on 7th February by myself, Pat Egan, on behalf of our Right to Airplay committee, in order to bring about awareness of the issue and to ask you to lobby your local politician to support our cause.
Our battle is not with the radio stations. They don’t formulate legislation, but at the same time they do very little to help the Irish Music industry – almost zero. All the senior members of the committee, including myself, have no self interest in this campaign. We are all past that point of our careers. However we are totally aware and focused on our goal that unless legislation is introduced there is no hope for the future generation of Irish artists having their work performed on their own national radio stations (which is their right)… NONE.
We realise that unless Irish music legislation is introduced, Irish music will fade forever from our airways and our national music and cultural identity will be lost forever to future generations.
This fight for the right to our own airways is not going to go away and our politicians need to be informed at every opportunity of the great injustice our artists, singers and song writers continue to face.
Please show your support to this campaign by Liking our Facebook page.
Pat Egan